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New Lifegate Building

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

We are glad to announce a building project for Lifegate’s new headquarters. You may remember that we sold our buildings in Beech Grove in December, 2013 and moved to Mooresville, IN.

You may not remember that we had tried to buy two buildings that year but could not get the closing on our building in time. We had an accepted offer on one building with the right of first refusal but another buyer came along with a cash offer so we had to pass on that building.

The second building was sold in a Sheriff’s sale but we would have had to have payment in 2 hours. We had accepted an offer to purchase our buildings but the buyer couldn’t close in time for us to bid.

God knew all about those two situations. Because of the lateness of the closing and our need to get back into business after moving, we leased our current location. We negotiated 3-2 year terms so we could have continuity for 6 years. That has also given us a timely way to exit our lease obligation when we are able to build another building.

We had approached a developer in Monrovia 3 years ago but decided it would be impossible to rent on a short-term basis while building. We are looking at a parcel in Gold Creek Business Park in Monrovia, Indiana.

We have gotten bids for the construction of a shell and the project completion. We believe the total project cost will be $325,000. The good news is that we have $150,000 in savings waiting for this day to come.

With the funds we have on hand, we believe we can purchase the property and build the shell. The remaining work such as the driveway and parking, landscaping, and the interior finish can be completed with funds raised.

We would like to raise the remaining $175,000. After Lifegate moves into our new building and is relieved of the lease we should save more than $35,000 a year. Being debt-free would be a tremendous benefit because of the savings in overhead costs.

Our deadline to move out of our current leased building is December 1, 2017. If we begin building in the Spring we will have time to complete the building and move in time.

One of our supporting churches has donated 24 light fixtures that we will use in the new building. We hope to be able to find other cost savings.

We don’t know how God will provide. We know that God can provide through His children. Perhaps you could consider giving a special gift for this new building.

One of our contributors suggested that we seek 175 people to give $1,000. That could work. We could also seek 350 people to give $500. Perhaps you could be one who could give a generous gift.

The truth is, contributions of any amount designated to the building fund will allow us to make progress on the building.

Artist rendering of the new Lifegate Building

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