New Lifegate Building

We are glad to announce a building project for Lifegate’s new headquarters. You may remember that we sold our buildings in Beech Grove in December, 2013 and moved to Mooresville, IN. You may not remember that we had tried to buy two buildings that year but could not get the closing on our building in time. We had an accepted offer on one building with the right of first refusal but another buyer came along with a cash offer so we had to pass on that building. The second building was sold in a Sheriff’s sale but we would have had to have payment in 2 hours. We had accepted an offer to purchase our buildings but the buyer couldn’t close in time for us to bid. God knew all about those two situa

P.O. Box 5

3032 W. Glacier Drive

Monrovia, IN 46157

Tel 317-831-3800

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